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 Giant Squid

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MessaggioTitolo: Giant Squid   Mar Gen 25, 2011 7:46 pm

This post is rather older, so I would like to note, that since I made these earlier observations, there has been a huge change in the circumstances. This year is the first year that during an el nijo, the northern pacific water temperature did not rise with the southern hemisphere temperature. This is a concern to me and it should be to everyone. Colder water is heavier than warm water, so it bears down on the earths plate. In the past, as the ice melted, this created a bearing down effect, which created friction under the crust of the earth, literally melting its core and pushing that where the crust would be more pliable. IE: the southern hemisphere. When it is no longer pliable, the off set of this would be when the sourthern water temps pushed this back into the northern hemisphere. This year this was not the case.

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Without further ado, please read and provide me your thoughts and feelings.

Giant squid.
I read recently that fishermen off the coast of California are catching Giant Squid and I became concerned.

My concern is not that the Humboldt variety was once only spotted off the coast of Mexico at depths greater than a saturation diver could stand. That was until 1987 when a few had been captured off the coast of Mexico. They never broke surface until recently (2007), let alone being caught by fisherman at the surface of the water some 2 thousand miles north on the surface of the water.

On January 31st these squid are being caught again. The difference is, they again have moved north about 2 thousand miles. The have been found in fishing nets in the straights of Juan De Fuca, and the Puget Sound (see IE: First Records of Dosidicus gigas in northern water 2004, the Humboldt Squid in the Temperate North-eastern Pacific Cephalopod Articles By James A. Cosgrove(1) and Kelly A. Sendall(2)

These Humboldt squid live in giant places deep under the surface of the ocean. We had only seen these particular squid when saturation diving was done, now they have been spotted as far north as Washington state and the Puget Sound. We did not even know these animals truly existed until several years ago (At least in our conscious minds anyway).

In two thousand and eight, a really giant squid was spotted 20 miles off the coast of Santa Cruz. This was the only time one had been spotted there and since then, we have seen hundreds of the giant variety.

Deep into the ocean these squid lived. Today they are being caught by fisherman all over the world.

I had to ask myself: "Why would an animal living under such extreme pressure want to leave the comfort of that pressure? Why would an animal like a squid risk injury or death to move up from the pressure they were sensitive to?"

Several possible answers popped into my head:

Could they be panicked?

Could they be starving? Could their food source have died out?

Could they be running from something?

Could it be the home where they live has become uninhabitable?

Could it be El Nino'? The rising of the pacific deep water temperatures?

It is my understanding that a variety of an El Nino' is caused because the deep water temperatures become super heated. Could this be why they have risen? Would this have caused the living animals to move upwards to safer temperatures? Because their home was hot?

What would cause this heat?

Could friction cause this? When friction occurs it causes heat, and when heat occurs it can do all sorts of hot stuff. Things expand and melt, like rock which causes volcanoes. Things move when they are hot, which might make things slide or collapse. Is cold water heavier than warm water? Does the density change?

So I did a little research to see if I could find possible connections between El Nino's and Earthquakes.

According to Mike Moseley; Anthropologist at the University of Florida; who is one of five authors who published their findings recently, El Nino and Earthquakes are found to have caused the ruin of Peru's early civilization. Apparently, about 3,600 years ago, an earthquake occurred that was as big or bigger than an 8.0 on the R scale.

The mountains collapsed into the ocean and this cause a change in the flow of the currents, causing the once plentiful waters to be stagnant. The re design of the mountains, caused the climate to skip over them. It is reported for generations, the sand made this region unlivable, or almost impossible to live.

Earthquakes continue to happen in Peru today and it as if they are happening in unison with the northern opposites.

Here in the United States and Peru, during and proceeding the El Nino event of that year, there were a number of Giant Squid spotted for the first time ever in California waters.

Within four years, the San Francisco, and Northridge earthquakes occurred, and the number of earthquakes increased substantially over a 6 year period.

Now I am not saying there is a tie to increased seismic activity, but there are more and more scientist who are becoming a bit more open minded in what some may call a radical new theory.

In my investigation of these squid, I was able to associate the possibility between ocean currents (Water moves dramatically and changes tension on the crust, in turn causes friction, which causes heat, which causes El Nino's) heat and friction caused by displacement of large bodies of cold dense water onto unstable faults within the earths crust. Could this be what cause the evacuation of the squids home?

Researchers have suggested that events on the ocean floor, rather than in the atmosphere and at the sea surface, may trigger the enormous shifts in Pacific Ocean currents and air pressure known as El Nino's. These reversals in the equatorial Pacific cause changes in water temperature and climate over several continents, often with catastrophic effects.

According to the New York Times:

"These reversals in the equatorial Pacific cause changes in water temperature and climate over several continents, often with catastrophic effects. The new theory was elaborated in two articles in recent issues of EOS, a journal of the American Geophysical Union. In the first article, Daniel A. Walker of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics at the University of Hawaii suggested that earthquakes along the East Pacific Rise were related to the vast changes of El Nino, which climate experts refer to as the Southern Oscillation.

The article, in the Sept. 20 issue, was accompanied by an unusual note by the journal's oceanography editor, Robin D. Muench, who said the theory would be ''controversial'' because it lacked ''a well-defined physical mechanism linking seismicity on the East Pacific Rise with El Nino events.''

Now I am not sure about you, but if I saw giant squid rising to the surface, which live over 3,000 feet below the surface of the ocean, it would trigger an alarm in my head (Which it has). What would you do if you were sitting by the oceans edge and all of the sudden the water got sucked out to sea? Would you stand there and watch in amazement? Or would you run really fast because you knew a Tsunami was coming?

It is not a matter of assumption, or "If there is a problem", or "It lacks substance".

When there is a fire in the forest, the animals run mad trying to escape it. Koala Bears will burn their paws if they do not escape in time. There is something big going on deep below the surface and we need to resolve it quick!

Giant squid have abandoned their home and we should be alarmed. The currents are shifting which causes tremendous weight due on the crust which caused friction!

Could this weight cause a plate to move?

Peace and love to you, your family and friends!

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Giant Squid
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